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Related Links

Here are a couple of links that are Tsunami Bomb related. These places in one way or another helped to make my site possible, even though they might not know it. In turn I'd like to thank them by putting them here. Minimal, yes, but only in the deed, for in heart my gratitude is immeasurable. Hahahaha.


This is the *official* Tsunami Bomb website. It's pretty much run by the King of the 4 Strings himself, Dominic! If you wanna find out what's happening with Tsunami Bomb in real time, shows, join their Bomb Squad to spread the word, or order awesome Tsunami Bomb merchandise, this is the place.


This is the most awesome Tsunami Bomb website around. Jen and Kev did an admirable job here. Whether you're looking for lyrics, live photos, band bios, or a place to express you're love for the bomb, this site has it all.


Colby, Shane, and the lovely Jen join forces to bring you this Tsunami Bomb fan club. The club runs contests every once in a while and they even give prizes!! This is a great place to meet Tsunami Bomb fans and get to know the beautiful gathering of fans that the band has pulled together. If you haven't already joined this club, i encourage you to do so.