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Tsunami Bomb- No Good Very Bad Day
Tabbed by Oscar Payan 

Intro: Starts with the bass, then the guitar-

Verse Riff- played after the intro and through the first verse.
The rhythm I have there sounds good when you’re playing along to the music.
It’s not the way I play it and probly not the way Mike plays it, but it’s the
easiest way to tab it and give it a rhythm. e|-------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------| G|--77--777--7-------------------------------------| D|--77--777—-7--55--555--5--22--222--2--77--777-7--| A|--55--555--5--55--555--5--22--222--2--77--777-7--| E|--------------33--333--3--00--000--0--55--555-5--| Chorus- repeat the chorus riff 3 times. “my self esteem is low…” e|----------------------| B|----------------------| G|--7--5-5-5------------| D|--7--5-5-5--2--7-7-7--| A|--5--3-3-3--2--7-7-7--| E|------------0--5-5-5--| After the Chorus you go to the Verse riff, then the Chorus again.
After the Chorus is repeated the second time, there’s a pause in which the guitar
doesn’t play. Then the Chorus plays till the end, except at different rhythms, which are
easy to play so I wont do it again. And that’s it. If you notice, they’re the same
chord progression all over, except different rhythms and all. Great song.